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For sale: an IDA72 rebreather backpack. Developed in the 1970's / 1980's as the replacement for the 3 Bolt GKS3m Deep Diving Equipment. It comes with several external parts, condition: see photo's. We sell this apparatus for display purposes only: do not use this apparatus in the water(!). Price: €500,- + shipping

Soviet Russian Deep Diving Rebreather IDA72

Rebreathers 20230518_Page_5-IDA72_1
Rebreathers 20230518_Page_5-IDA72_2
Rebreathers 20230518_Page_5-IDA72_3
Rebreathers 20230518_Page_5-IDA72_4
Rebreathers 20230518_Page_5-IDA72_5


miscellany & 2 hose regulators